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Questions & Answers


What is important when buying a restaurant chair or dining chair?

What we are able to do here at BK Barrit is a several step process. First, we establish that we have over 3000 chairs on our web site. With these chairs, we are able to show our capability and diversity of product, function, design and budget. Once I am able to discover what you need in these areas of design, function, quantity, lead time required and budget, I am able to offer you chairs that best meet those needs. BK Barrit is able to work with you to specify our standard product, modify our product or work from your seating design solutions. We are an A grade producer with features like tongue and groove, screwed and glued corner blocks, mortise and tenon where possible, any species of wood, etcetera.


How much does one of your dining or restaurant chairs cost?

The price of the chair will all depend on the type of chair you want, lead time required, your budget and the quantity. Once you answer these questions, we will work to find you one of our 3000 + chairs that will meet what you need in these areas of design, function, quantity, lead time required and budget.


Do you have a price list?

BK Barrit has near 3000 chairs that we are able to provide in various sizes, finishes and fabrics. We price each project based on desired lead time, quantity and budget range required. Please call or email us and we will happily provide pricing.


Do you make custom chairs, custom seating?

BK Barrit just completed an extensive program whereby we worked with an experienced in-house design team to produce custom seating and custom chairs for all types of applications for their national chain of assisted living facilities. We produced these chairs from conception thru production and working toward installation. We worked from their conceptual drawings and through discussions, technical drawings and the prototype process; we created a series of chairs that will please their design team?s concepts, the patients and the budget.  We will make samples for your approval and/or modification.


I look forward to your feedback. We can do this project on time, on budget and to your high levels of satisfaction. Thank you again.


May I see a sample of a chair?

Most of our chairs we manufacture to order. If you need a sample, we will determine the size of the project and will decide how to provide a sample. Generally we will manufacture the sample upon request.


Do you have a representative in my area?

Please refer to our Contact Us page.


Do I need to buy 20 or more chairs?

We are able to do any quantity on most styles but we need to find out what you need. As I find out your needs on function, design, quantity, lead time and budget, we can narrow it down to a chair or chairs that will meet your needs. I look forward to your feedback.

What is the lead time for chairs and custom seating?

As I find out your needs on function, design, quantity, lead time and budget, we can narrow it down to a chair or chairs that will meet your needs. We generally ask for 8-10 weeks but are able to do many and most of our chairs sooner upon request. I look forward to your feedback.


How do I select a banquet chair?

There are many questions that someone in your facility would most likely be in a position to answer. The answers to all of the questions help me to address what is important to the client. What are the lead times required, the look of the banquet chair desired, quality standards, budget goals, function, and etcetera?

Each of these questions and their answers help me to address the real needs of the client. What are the priorities?? If price is the priority, I have a $27 chair that is actually very good. If it is aluminum that is required, I have several ways to proceed from $70 to $155 net. If the client wants these exact looks and functions, I will be able to do this but if the budget is $50, it is not possible by any person on this planet. Again, what are the client?s priorities? What are the obstacles that I need to overcome. We can do it!!

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