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Thank you in advance for your time. Thanx to you, this year, 2016, has ended up being one of our best years in 10. We were involved in many exciting projects including a famous chic Miami restaurant chain, a Planet Hollywood LAX airport job, a dynamic Boston restaurant, all of the common areas in the PA Convention Center and a Top University custom Library Project.

All on time, on budget and with total customer satisfaction.

How may we help you? Custom and standard seating, chairs and tables. We can do it!

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!


Our capabilities are extensive. WE CAN DO IT!!

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Custom seating and tables for college chapels, synagogues, theatre projects, corporate, stadiums, hospitality, libraries, restaurants, country clubs and more

How to Open a Restaurant

If you are thinking about opening a restaurant business, there so many things you need to consider. It could all be relatively daunting that is the reason why you must make it into a gradual process that is shown below.

First, always keep in mind that lots of works go into managing and operating a restaurant. You can hire people and hand over lots of work to them; however lots of responsibility will still fall on you. Think hard on whether there’s a responsibility you are sure you can handle, both financially and mentally. You will need to purchase restaurant furniture and of course food and ensure you have sufficient start up cash to pay your employee before business starts booming.

If you have decided you really want to open a restaurant business, consider what type of theme you like it to have. Do you like to open a mom and dad style diner or an uber-club style place? Think about what is more likely to do well in your place. When you reside in a place which already has diners, like for instance, perhaps you do not want to open, unless yours will have some type of hook and food good enough to get the attention of many clients from their usual haunts. You also have to choose a name for your business; again ensure you are not naming your restaurant which will conflict with nearby businesses.

Plan a Menu

Integrate the theme you have selected, and ensure the appearance of the menu matches the quality of food it is marketing that is hopefully good.

Find a Place: Let’s assume you are opening a diner. Perhaps you won’t do well to open it across or next the street from a diner which is been around for many years and is patronized by the community.

Write a Business Plan: Chances are you will need to take out a plan from your bank. Outline the details of your restaurant business as well as how you plan to make it lucrative. Find out ahead of time precisely what papers you will need to bring for the mortgage officer to examine or check.

Know Precisely What kind of permits you will need

The basics include a business license, a food handler permit or license, sign permit, music license, fire certificate, though you might also want a liquor license, police permit as well as seller’s authorization. Choose the best restaurant furniture. Normally this is the exciting part. You could find lots of remarkable deals on restaurant furniture, and lots of it you could purchase wholesale. But, it is highly suggested to mix things up a little bit through throwing a couple of curveballs in the mix; therefore the things do not get too sluggish.

If all the legalities are checked or taken care of, it is time to hire employees. Keep in mind that in this time, you will get lots of applicants, however do not settle until you have found the right cook or chief as well as waiter staff.