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Having a bar is a great use of space for your restaurant, but it is important to pick the right bar stool so that you can make the best use of your bar and your guests will enjoy sitting there. Here are a few considerations you should make when looking for the right bar stools for your bar establishment. Check these out:

• Right Supplier- You can find the most beautiful, space saving bar stools in the world, but if you don’t have the right supplier, your money and time will not be worth the effort. You want to find a company with a good reputation for having excellent customer service and providing a superior product. It is always good to ask potential suppliers for references and to check those references. Try to find out from the references if there were any issues with the delivery or the product and how the company solved those issues. Be sure to find out from your supplier how long it will take to get your new bar stools, whether they will need assembly, and whether you can have the shipping process expedited in any way. The right furniture supplier will gladly work with you to get you the perfect product quickly and professionally.
• Aesthetics- You want to pick bar stools that will complement your existing décor and chairs without pulling attention away. Consider going with a similar material and shape to your existing chairs to pull your restaurant together as a whole. Alternatively, have your bar stools complement your bar area to give the appearance of distinctly separate areas. The style of bar stools you choose will determine how your guests view the space, so you may want to purchase a sample to be able to see your different options.
• Footprint- You want bar stools that are stable enough to host a wide range of guests, but you also want to be able to fit as many as are comfortably possible into your bar space as well. Choosing a non-swivel bar stool with a smaller footprint may allow you to maximize your space while simultaneously giving your guests enough room for comfort.
• Backrests are Good- Though bar stools without backs offer versatile angles and a clean appearance; they are not an ideal seating arrangement for many of your guests. There are many different cases when your guests will need to be able to rest their backs against their bar stool, either because they are injured, pregnant, older, tipsy or tired.
Knowing what material, finish, fabric, height and how many bar stools can fit in your bar establishment before hitting the stores can greatly enhance your bar stool shopping experience. Many people expect to find a few styles of bar stools and are overwhelmed at the thousands of options available. Remember to take your measurement, photographs of your bar establishment and wood or fabric samples you are trying to match with you. Know what your budget is and above all try them out.